Sheepdog Training Tutorials 4


The fourth volume of our sheepdog training tutorial DVDs, covering further training of Max (the gripper) and a wide variety of other training challenges.

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SIXTEEN CHAPTERS of sheepdog training tutorials presented in a clear and practical way

Looking for help with sheepdog training? This is the fourth volume in our series of sheepdog training DVDs, two-disc DVD compilations of sheepdog training tutorials from the online tutorial programme on the Working Sheepdog Website.

This latest training DVD covers a variety of training challenges, including slowing down a fast working dog; building enough trust in your dog so you can look away when it’s working; teaching a travel-shy sheep dog that jumping up into a vehicle means “Hurrah! We’re off to work!”; and three further valuable chapters comparing the progress of litter-sisters, Bronwen and Scylla.

Disc 1 Chapters

A photo of cattle grazing in a field with a list of DVD chapters

Disc one has eight chapters covering sheep control, an in-depth look at the training ring and how you can get the most out of it, how to get a dog to willingly do something it really didn’t want to do, and three chapters of full training sessions from two very different dogs.

How Can I Slow the Dog Down? – Most young dogs work fast, but why do they do it, and how can we slow them down?

The Training Ring 1 & 2 – Two chapters which will help you build a suitable training ring, and get more out of it than you may have expected.

Back to Forwards – Walking backwards is an important training exercise, but to progress with the dogs training you should revert to walking forwards. But how can you trust the dog to work sensibly when you’re looking the other way?

Bronwen & Scylla 6, 7 & 8 – Three more complete training sessions from Bronwen and her litter-sister, Scylla, showing some unexpected problems and how to fix them.

Use a Reward to get Training on Board – Young Odo really refuses to ride in a vehicle, but it takes just a few minutes to change his mind.

Disc 2 Chapters

A photo of sheep inside a farm building with a list of DVD chapters

Disc two shows how to teach a dog to toilet on command, and then follows a full training session with a strong willed dog, before comparing the training of two very different dogs.

Why Your Dog Should Flank Both Ways – If your dog will only flank one way, sooner or later it’ll become a real problem.

Starting a Reluctant Dog – Maisie doesn’t fancy working sheep at first but, with encouragement, she changes her mind.

Starting a Non-Starter 1 & 2 – It’s very frustrating to find that your dog doesn’t want to work stock, but with patience (and these crafty tips) you can usually do it.

Top Tips for Training Your Dog – Training a dog to work stock can’t be described as easy, but starting the right way is a big help.

Training Max the Gripper (2 & 3) – After a horrible start in part one, and despite being very strong-willed, Max continues to make progress and becomes a good sheep and cattle dog.

Stop 2 (the perfect stop) – Of course you must be able to stop your dog, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can ruin its confidence.

Cumulatively, the Sheepdog Training Tutorials DVDs are probably the most comprehensive sheepdog training programme currently available.

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