First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training DVD


FROM CHAOS TO CONTROL! Sheepdog training as it really is “warts and all”! Professionally recorded, and clearly presented by sheepdog trainer Andy Nickless.

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The perfect sheepdog training DVD for you!


FROM CHAOS TO CONTROL! – “One of the best sheepdog training DVDs available”!

At last! A sheepdog training DVD that’s specially for beginners who want to train their very first sheepdog – and who don’t have the advantage of an already trained sheepdog to assist them. This programme was specifically designed for beginners and will give you more information on training a sheepdog than any other DVD currently available

Unlike any other herding sheepdog training programme you’ve ever seen before, “First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training” really does guide you through the difficult early stages of training, even if you’re a complete beginner.

A professionally recorded sheepdog training DVD set, presented in a clear, easy to understand manner by sheepdog trainer Andy Nickless, from Worcestershire, England, this DVD programme demonstrates not only how to approach sheepdog training, but what to do when things go wrong (as they will for even the best sheepdog trainers).

A sheepdog training DVD like no other!

Sheepdog training as it  REALLY IS – you’ll see things going wrong, as well as right.

It’s the first training herding and sheepdog training video to explain simple but vitally important factors such as dog and sheep behaviour, as well as how you can set up the ideal training area to make training as simple and convenient as possible.

Whether you’re a hobby sheep keeper, smallholder, aspiring sheepdog trialler or farmer, this unique down-to-earth double-DVD clearly explains the natural instinct of the Border Collie Sheepdog and how (with patience, determination and simple preparation) it can easily be developed into a really useful working dog.

2xDVD set – All Regions Worldwide – we send the correct format for your country.
Formats: PAL / NTSC – Run Time: 160+ mins – Widescreen.

Disc 1 Chapters

Disc one covers general issues of sheep work and how to get some control of your dog.

  1. Introduction – The sheepdog, its selection and preparation for training.
  2. Sheep – Important things to know about sheep before you begin training.
  3. Training Area – Make training far easier by preparing the training area.
  4. The Handler – Get yourself ready for training.
  5. Start Training – We get two dogs started in the yard.

Disc 2 Chapters

Disc two shows how to move on from the basics and teach the dog to do practical work around the farm.

  1. Training in the Field – We start a third dog off, but this time in a training ring in the field. Then we continue the training of all three dogs up until the point when they can do an outrun and bring the sheep under reasonable control.
  2. The Sheepdog Whistle – Looking closely at how the sheepdog whistle works and how to use it.
Important DVD info
Available in PAL and NTSC formats – all regions. We send the correct format DVD for your area.
Run time : 160 min (approx)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Full Screen)
Regions: All Regions
Video Format: PAL or NTSC
Language: English
Subtitles: No
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