Great Sheepdogs We’ve Known

Our tribute to some of the finest working sheepdogs we’ve known.

Mel – 259090

A low-angle close-up photograph of sheepdog Mel, looking noble

A dreadful accident prematurely ended Mel’s promising trials career but that didn’t stop her becoming the most reliable, most powerful and most intelligent farm dog we had ever known. We always knew if we took Mel with us, the job would be done.

I’m sure Mel wouldn’t mind me saying that in more recent years, she was overtaken by her daughter Carew who has an (as yet unfinished) page of her own.

Glen – 238575

A sheepdog working closely with sheep

Novice champion may not exactly be the “dizzy heights” of achievement in the sheepdog world but there’s so much more to this wonderful dog than that.

Preferring the precision of trials rather than farm work, Glen was a superb trials dog who taught Andy, his inexperienced and often incompetent handler, a huge amount. More info.

Roy – 200199

Closeup of Roy's face as he concentrates hard on sheep

Surely one of the greatest sheepdogs of all time, Aled Owen’s Roy.

Twice Welsh Champion (seven Times Welsh team member) and then 1999 Supreme International Champion. Read Roy’s fascinating story: A Dog To Remember by Austin Bennett.

Ben – 220939

Sheepdog confronting sheep on some rocks

Cornerstone of International Sheepdog Trials regular Derek Scrimgeour’s Killibrae sheepdogs, Ben proved himself time after time in competition at the highest level and he was a worthy stud dog too.

Ben was the sire of Andy’s first sheepdog, Dot and our own superb sheepdog and mother of some wonderful offspring, Pearl.

One of Ben’s grandchildren, Tia features below. More info.

Tia – 267931

Tinker Tia with a few of her trophies and rosettes

When Denise Wilkinson collected her eight week old Pearl / Glen pup from us, she told us she was going to make “Tinker Tia” into a Dog Agility Champion!

She wasn’t kidding – Tia qualified for Agility Grade 7 (advanced) when she was aged 2½, represented Great Britain in the 2008 European Championships and continues to be a real force to be reckoned with in Agility. More info.

Pearl – 258969.

Lovely picture of Pearl standing against a dark background and looking alert

Now one of our most senior dogs, Pearl is truly remarkable.

Regrettably, she was never seriously trained for sheep work but recently, she’s demonstrated to us that this was a mistake.

As well as being a very useful sheepdog, Pearl’s offspring from matings with Glen have produced some of the very top Agility dogs. More info.


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