Derek Scrimgeour’s Ben – 220939

Close-up of Ben with his head down, approaching some sheep
Derek Scrimgeour’s Ben 220939 – a Killibrae dog

BEN was the Cornerstone of Killibrae Sheepdogs & star of Derek Scrimgeour’s Sheepdog Training Book: “Talking Sheepdogs”

Before his retirement, Ben was a tremendous hill and trial dog – kind but very positive in his handling of the sheep.

He was equally at home working on Derek’s Lonscale Farm near Keswick in Cumbria or at the most important sheepdog trials in the world.

This photograph of Ben was used as the cover picture on Derek’s book “Talking Sheepdogs”. Along with many of the other pictures in the book, it was taken by Andy Nickless.

A rough coated Border Collie (Dot) lying on a steep bank, looking into the distance

Ben also proved to be a worthy stud dog for Derek and was a cornerstone of the Killibrae breeding line, producing trials winning offspring including Mike Hubbard’s Killibrae Tim and Denis Jenkins’ Dell of Killibrae.

Ben was the Sire of Andy’s first sheepdog, Dot and one of our real favourite sheepdogs, Pearl. Dot showed promise as a nursery trials dog but her special talent was driving sheep and farm work. She eventually went to work driving cattle on a ranch in Idaho USA. Pearl is currently in retirement in Northamptonshire.

Sheepdog confronting sheep on some rocks
Killibrae Ben confronts some Swaledale Sheep on a rocky outcrop in Cumbria

Ben was fifth in the 2002 Supreme International Sheepdog Championships and he won one of Englands most difficult double lift trials, Jim Cropper’s notorious Deerplay Hill, at Bacup in Lancashire, twice. He also won the Yorkshire Championship. He was a very brave dog and could handle even the most awkward cattle.

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